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Who We Are

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This is the time to welcome assistance for you or your loved ones for facilitation of needs by trained professionals to give constant companionship necessary during your senior years or recovery period. You might be tangled in restlessness from your daily job and failing to give a hand when needed. If you feel that a life is placed in the margins, this is the time to cast out worries. Get help from experts like us.

About Us

The Ultimate Personal Care, Inc. was founded in 2007 with the primary aim of providing Personal Care Home for the elderly as an alternative to a Nursing Home. The inspiration for Personal Care home came from our own family experience. We were surprised by how difficult it was to find quality homecare professionals and a suitable Assisted Living facility. We made calls, left messages, and did a lot of waiting. It took a long time before we finally found people we could trust. We are forever grateful for the help our caregivers provided during our time of need.

Our Facility

Ultimate Personal Care Homes is located in Fort Bend County near Sugarland, Texas. We are designed and managed to meet the standards set forth by the State of Texas for assisted living communities. We provide residential and personalized support services to adults and elderly individuals with memory loss, and other age-related ailments. We have the very best in personalized support services to those who need assistance with activities of daily living but who do not need skilled medical care. Family-owned and operated with Christian-based values, we offer an environment that provides your loved one an independent living with grace and dignity.

Our Mission

To provide a family atmosphere comparable to your own home setting, promoting a sense of community, sense of family, and sense of independent living with grace and dignity.

Understanding Your Needs

To contemplate moving anywhere can be a difficult decision, especially if an element of care is involved. Ultimate Personal Care Homes has many years of experience and with all the issues involved can offer you important constructive help and objective advice.

It is acknowledged that residents often want privacy and dignity without intrusion, yet at the same time need to be secure in the knowledge that qualified assistance is always on hand. To facilitate this, each Home Manager regularly exchanges opinions, ideas and suggestions with the residents.

Contact Information

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