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Dementia & Parkinson’s Disease

Ultimate Personal Care Homes is experienced and trained in caring for people with memory loss. Each of our staff is specially trained to ensure that residents receive expert care, which respects personal tastes and preferences.

We’re on the home front in your fight against Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson Disease.

We know this much:
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  • Companionship combats depression
  • Meal preparation advances nutrition
  • Interaction slows mental decline
  • Exercise that aids strength and blood flow
  • Continuous observation ensures safety

We are more than just prolonging life, we prolong the quality of life.

Our Homes

Memory care is provided within our homes. This means that the environment is adapted to the needs of residents with dementia and we can offer as much independence and stimulation as possible within safe boundaries.

Specialist & Experienced Staff

Our experienced and trained specialist staff is set apart by their empathy, their commitment to providing the highest quality care and their understanding of the unique nature of dementia.

We employ highly trained care assistants who provide 24-hour professional support. All dementia carers have unique training and are kept up to date with developments in care practice to ensure the most up to date care possible.

Person-centered Care Approach

Our person-centered care approach means that each resident is respected as an individual and treated with dignity. Each resident has a named key worker and their own personal plan. We help to stimulate clients’ minds and keep them mentally and socially active.

We also reduce depression and can even help manage some emotional/behavioral issues such as sundown syndrome. Life histories, to which relatives’ contribution are welcomed, are used to help us get to know each resident, with their own personalities and pasts. Understanding the reasons behind their actions and the people, places and belongings which are important to them can help to overcome the frustration and fear someone may experience at being unable to express what they want.


Stimulation and enjoyable activities are particularly important to people with dementia. Our care homes offer both organized activities, such as arts and crafts, gardening, reminiscence therapy, exercise or music, religious or popular sing-along songs, and one-to-one involvement. Our caregivers are aware of the individual’s life story and social background to help create a reminiscent environment.

Everyone lives life to a rhythm; some are alert in the morning, while others function best in the afternoon. At Ultimate Personal Care Homes, we know the rhythm of our residents in order to interact with them effectively. Through recognizing the resident’s individual needs, we create a positive living environment for all of our Alzheimer’s patients We encourage residents to carry out small tasks throughout the day, such as helping to lay the tables or watering the plants, which can help retain self-esteem and involvement in daily life.

With round-the-clock monitoring and care for even the most advanced cases, our caregivers maximize the mental, emotional and physical health of dementia patients.

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